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Here’s a tip for all your troubles

All of us have different problems to worry about each day. They take away our peace of mind. The funny thing is these problems are not rare. Most of us have common worries such as no enough time, no money, no proper health routines etc… I did a deep research on this Topic and the funny thing caught my attention was all these problems are not odd, not rare and happens for almost everybody around us. Still why human beings fail to solve them in the first place? That what made me write this blog post.

I am going to quote few words from one among the most renowned and admired personalities in the world. He was the Duke of Lauenburg, Mastermind behind the unification of Germany in 1871. Ringing any bells? (Let’s inject some GK into our brains) Ok final clue! He was once the Prince of Bismark. Now you know who it is… Otto von Bismark. He once quoted “Only fools learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others”. This guy achieved the unthinkable – Unification of East and West Germany. Believe me guys, I have been living in Germany for few years and what he did was no walk in the park. So a man with this much reputation can never go wrong ‘always’. Read that quote once again… And again.

Here is a situation, we came across a word which we have no idea what it actually means. How we are going to respond? Obviously we will Google it and now, what if we plan to cook a yummy dish and surprise our friends but we don’t even know how to spell it! It’s going to be a marathon of YouTube & DIY’s searches. What if the scenario is we are having our university exam tomorrow? An important sales call to make? We will never spend that much time in YouTube or Google to prepare ourselves. I don’t know what on earth make us utilize the maximum resources for these hitches and when a serious dilemma strikes we stay alone, hurt, and almost fucked up! We are not using our maximum resources when a serious issue pops up.

I am not talking about a specific area. Consider a struggling Startup, failed marriage or health issue, in these situations we leave everything for fate or let our emotions to get the better of us. In this highly informative world we have almost a plethora of resources and information regarding each little thing around us and what we are doing with it is shit! Yes, life is all about experiences and the best results comes from experiencing something. But if we wait to experience each and everything in life before reaching a conclusion, maybe there will be no enough time for us to execute them in our life. It will be like a never-ending journey of experiences, both good and bad! But if and only if you are intelligent enough to learn it from events which took place in the past history, or our life or someone else’s.

Just open ourselves to the possibilities of the world. It is fucking 21st century and we are depending on only our brain which is inexperienced in solving complex problem of a particular type, it’s kind of gambling.

Demand more from yourself and how?

An investment in knowledge gives us the best interest. If you can invest so much time for doing shopping, leisure and fun activities yet you have no time to invest for enhancing of your knowledge. That is just catastrophic! Guys I am afraid of how fast flies because I am well aware that we don’t get so much opportunities or space to make an impact in this world, to leave a mark for yourself. I am not asking you to be a legend, all I am asking you to be an Intelligent Human. A human who have the intellect to understand that our time is limited in this world.

A solution for your problems

Every problem has a solution. Some times it takes a lot of time to find it and sometimes we may not even find it! It’s because of our lack of preparation.

I demand you to read, I request you to harvest as much as knowledge you can. I am not mentioning the schools and text books, all those stuffs are good and I hold nothing against them but there are more to learn from outside world. Read books other than fantasy fictions once in a while, Follow Time magazine or Business Insider along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande in your Instagram. Do it and experience the difference yourself.  Be enthusiastic- “nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm”- its Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words! And if you don’t know who it is, now you know what to do. In my blog posts I am going share a way lot of short stories and events because these are the kind of things I love to read and what I want to share with you guys.

It doesn’t matter where knowledge comes from, until and unless it solves the equation. All what we need to do is – ‘just pick up the right variables’.  Enjoy your life, along with it educate yourself.




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