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Twitter aka ‘X’ : The Everything App

Elon Musk’s dream is to advance humanity by pioneering revolutionary technologies in several key areas. In space exploration, he aims to make humanity a multi-planetary species through SpaceX, establishing human colonies on Mars. Through Tesla, Musk is dedicated to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, making electric vehicles accessible and desirable. He co-founded Neuralink to develop brain-computer interfaces, enabling direct communication between humans and computers. Additionally, with The Boring Company, he aims to revolutionize transportation and reduce traffic congestion through tunneling technology. Starlink, another SpaceX venture, strives to provide global internet coverage, connecting underserved and remote areas around the world. Lastly, the Twitter Takeover. Elon Musk has been calling his Twitter acquisition X Corp. basically since he bought it, and that is its official legal entity name already.

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WeChat in China

WeChat has become an integral part of China’s day-to-day life, serving as a super-app that combines messaging, social networking, and mobile payments. In China, people rely heavily on WeChat for communication with friends, family, and colleagues. It is the go-to platform for sending text messages, making voice and video calls, and sharing multimedia content. Additionally, WeChat’s Moments feature allows users to share updates, photos, and videos, keeping everyone connected in a virtual social circle.

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WeChat Is Beyond a Messaging Platform

Beyond communication, WeChat Pay has revolutionized the way people handle finances in China. From paying bills to shopping online, ordering food, hailing a ride, or transferring money to friends, WeChat Pay has become the primary method for mobile transactions. People no longer need to carry cash or credit cards, as WeChat Pay is widely accepted at stores, restaurants, and even street vendors.

Moreover, WeChat’s mini-programs offer a wide range of services, such as food delivery, travel bookings, and online shopping, all conveniently accessible within the app. Whether it’s staying connected with friends, making purchases, or managing daily activities, WeChat has become an essential tool that shapes how millions of people in China go about their daily lives.

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Elon Musk’s X Corp

Elon Musk’s bought Twitter to make it a global platform similar to WeChat’s significance in China, it would be a monumental task that would require substantial strategic planning and execution. He is already in the process of renaming Twitter into ‘X’.

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These are the upcoming changes aka innovations that I am expecting from Elon Musk and ‘X’
  • Enhancing Messaging and Social Networking: Elon Musk could focus on improving Twitter’s messaging capabilities and social networking features to make it more engaging and interactive. This could involve enhancing group chats, voice and video calls, and multimedia sharing to encourage more direct communication between users.
  • Mobile Payments and E-Commerce: Similar to WeChat Pay, Musk might integrate a secure and user-friendly mobile payment system into Twitter, allowing users to make transactions and conduct e-commerce within the platform. This could involve partnerships with financial institutions and businesses to enable seamless payments and purchases. He might choose a crypto currency as the medium of transaction. DogeCoin? Who Knows!Twitter X corp WeChat (5)
  • Mini-Programs and Third-Party Integrations: Elon Musk could introduce mini-programs or third-party integrations within Twitter, offering a variety of services and features directly accessible through the app.

Mini Programs & Third Party Integrations: In the case of WeChat, Mini Programs are like mini-apps that can be accessed directly within the WeChat app. They offer a wide range of services, such as online shopping, food delivery, ride-hailing, ticket booking, and more.Third-party integrations refer to the integration of  external services or applications into a main platform like Twitter or WeChat. This integration allows users to access additional features and services without leaving the main app. For example, Twitter or WeChat might integrate with other platforms like Spotify, Uber, or food delivery services. Users can directly interact with these services within the social media app and use them seamlessly.

  • Global Internet Coverage: Leveraging his experience with SpaceX’s Starlink project, Musk might explore ways to improve internet accessibility in remote and underserved areas and integrate it with Twitter aka X to enhance Twitter’s reach and user base worldwide.
  • AI & X : I am sure Elon will come up with a solution to integrate the likes of ChatGPT or any other AI platform to Twitter. Let’s wait and see.

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The Challenges

Localization and Cultural Sensitivity, Addressing Privacy and Security in a global level for that vast amount of users, Creating Local Partnerships  to penetrate into Market and competing with local social media apps of every region, Sustainable Revenue Model are the major challenges in front of .

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To Conclude,

Transforming Twitter aka X into a global platform with features similar to WeChat’s significance in China would be a challenging and complex endeavor. It would require a combination of technological innovation, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs and preferences of users worldwide. While Elon Musk’s visionary approach and track record of disrupting industries might facilitate such a transformation, achieving WeChat’s level of influence globally would be an ambitious and multifaceted undertaking.

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