Hey guys, welcome to thinkwithashi.com. Lets break the ice upfront! We can’t change the world in a day or two. The story of our life and habits are no different. Hey… started Judging already? I am not being pessimistic just being realistic. World ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. If that was the case, It wouldn’t have take this long to start my blog and you must have read this post way earlier. Frankly, This was the only thing I dreamt of in past few months. YEA! You guessed it right. Like you guys, procrastination is my area of expertise too. I am sure most of us must have failed to meet deadlines at least once… only once? ah!! whatever!

So my point is, for past few months things were not happening in my life as planned. Then I thought when I was planning to start this blog iPhone had no XI series. Now XII is on its way. Tim Cook is pretty good right? After that I promised myself, at least before next iPhone release I must start my blog. This time I don’t want Tim Cook to get the better of me again, So here I am 🙂

Before ‘Think with Ashi’ I had taken almost one year break from blogging platform because I was tangled with my studies. Presently I am in Berlin, doing my Masters in Mechanical engineering from a Technische Universität in Germany. Where else should I go? Is there a better go-to option for Mechanical engineers?

I have started few blogs in the past but you know – “nothing worth having comes easy”. I have struggled,  I have been clueless and I have failed but all I knew was this is how it works! Peter Dinklage once quoted “Every tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better. The world is yours”. All I love is read and all I want to do is write. From all the stuffs I have read, I will share the things I found curious with you guys.



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