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Are You Frustrated About Your Life? – Never Give Up!

I am an epically lazy person, if they handed out gold medals for being lazy, I would have surely made my country proud.  But I assume my mind and brain are not communicating properly since I regularly have a feeling that my dreams are not well aware of my procrastination skills.  Before few years, this was kind of self-contradictory and sometimes this leaves me in real frustration. In fact I was literally dying for a break.

Gradually I started thinking- why am I getting frustrated? The reason was I couldn’t stand being lazy in my mind and hated myself for that. But nothing worked out and it was hard for me to alter my habits back then.

The Questions

One other question popped up inside, was -Why am I being lazy? (Yes, I ask a lot of questions to myself). They are fundamental. The questions you ask yourself will determine the course of your life.

Finally it hit down to two reasons where I can justify my laziness. (I am kind of weird person, right?) Either it may be because I didn’t like what I am doing or I didn’t know it well enough to get interested in it. But it doesn’t even matter! You can’t be expert in everything. You can’t be the key to every door.

So I made up my mind to alter my perspective, hence I moved to my next question – what I would do and love every day, even if I am failing? I always knew two things about myself. I wanted to be a part of something big. Second thing, we all have a super power. My superpower maybe, willingness to keep moving regardless of the results. I love to give one more shot even it doesn’t make real sense.

The Answers

The answers I got for this question are the things which, now I invest most time for. Not my entire day– but at least a certain amount of time each day. Because we must realise the fact that things take time. The key is, not to rush, and if it didn’t work out as planned, don’t even think about moving on. Don’t trade who you are for who you think the world needs. Life is too short.

Your past can only tell where you have been. I look into people and see how much they are willing to give. I believe human potential is nearly limitless. This is transformative learning. If you have a higher purpose, you have to show energy and courage to go beyond your comfort zone. You must be inclined to think beyond mediocre.

Like a Road Trip

Let’s consider it like a road trip. In the beginning every trip is exciting, right? That excitement will drive you a little far. You will feel that motivation. The end of the road trip will be also exciting, because we can see the finishing line. And by that time your perspectives will be totally shifted due to the experience you have gained throughout the trip.

But there is considerably a long time in the middle – there is a fair chance of getting exhausted and demotivated. The excitement of doing something will not be there. The motivation from end results or success will not be there too. The only thing runs through your mind will be uncertainty. How you deal with that situation will decide your future. This is the reason why 90% of start-ups fail. I am not talking about start-ups only, this includes jobs, relationships – everything we are trying for the first time and which consist of large time period. We must thrive through that unpredictability.

thinkwithashi- never give up (2)


How to deal with this uncertainty?

‘I don’t give a damn’ is not going to work. Whining about our efforts and not getting necessary results won’t help either. If you are not Elon Musk, and still you want audience to recognize your works or effort, audience must find your work useful. Other people will not appreciate your work just because you are doing something. But they will, when they find, what are you doing- either entertaining or greatful for them.


So to get from Zero to Elon Musk, you have to pass through this unpredictability. You can relate it when i say, Jeff Bezos founded amazon in 1994 – 27 years ago.

The perspective I would like to suggest and what I follow is – keep up doing your work and the world will recognize. Until a long period of time, the quality of your effort, only a handful of people will know. Your time will come, keep on doing what you love and once the time will come and the world will recognize what you are. The only thing is you must not quit in the middle.

If your work is the expression of your joyfulness, the recognition or non-recognition doesn’t matter.  Your working moments will be the best moments of your life. A small appreciate will also feel like the world to you. We are all familiar about a guy who was turned down 1009 times before a restaurant finally agreed to use his recipe. Later he called this recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Solitude might help:

Learn to spend some time alone, let your mind to be free and think what you want. This is inevitable in my point of view. I am not telling you to remove all the nonsense around you. Don’t preoccupy your mind with relevant and irrelevant thoughts.  The hardest test in life is having the patience to wait for the moments. It is better to take small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.  Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers. They simply refuse to give up. A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.

When you clarify your purpose. You become Zen, You become power. I doesn’t mean you will be Iron man. But from there onwards, you will never doubt your capabilities. You can see through difficult times with immense amount of positivity. There is only one life and we must make most out of them. Enjoy your life, Do things you love – Don’t fall in love with the end result. Trust your journey.


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