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iPhone 12 Pro |All You Need To Know Before Buying| LiDAR | MagSafe |

In fact, it’s possible to look at the last 10 years as the iPhone decade — when smartphones went mainstream and created billion-dollar corporations, What Apple did was, not only dominating the entire existing industry but also they changed the world.

So in a very real way, Apple’s most important job with iPhone 12 series was to make sure they doesn’t mess up a good thing!

5G Just Got Real!

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Every decade, a new generation of technology provide us step change on what we can do with our iPhones. The next change is here, 5G and believe me guys, it’s huge!!!

5G ensures a new level performance for uploads, downloads and high quality video streaming. It also provide more responsive gaming, real time interaction and high internet in densely populated areas.

“To create best 5G experience, it required a seamless integration of Hardware and Software in partnering closely.”

– Tim Cook, CEO – Apple.

Yes, 5G made iPhone faster. But Apple have managed to build it smarter also. iPhone 12 series have SMART DATA MODE. It means when your iPhone doesn’t need 5G speed it automatically switch to LTE or 4G.

Design- Finally it is back!

Yes, the rumours were right! iPhone 12 lineup will have a brand-new design with square edges instead of rounded ones, similar to the beloved design of the iPhone 4 and 5.  Who all are excited? I am so relieved to know that the unique iPhone designs are back.

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It has that stunning design with smooth flat edges with unique uniform construction especially pack designed by keeping 5G in mind. That too in five different colours (iPhone12), ironic?

The new model has an 20, 00,000:1 (same as 11pro) contrast ratio which unquestionably indicates photo, video game and dark mode will be jaw-dropping. iPhone 12 will be having twice the resolution and pixel precision compared to iPhone 11. It makes reading easier and, ensures photo dynamic range with detail and precise colour.

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Wtf! 12 Pro comes with no glass covering?

Yes, iPhone 12 lineup have eliminated cover glasses. But they found something better to reinforce their armour. They have introduced Ceramic shield, which goes beyond glass which dramatically increase toughness and optically make screen clearer compared to glasses. Infact the durability of iPhone 11’s cover glass is best in the industry. But here, iPhone 12 leaps ahead with something much better. Not bad right?

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Bye Bye Cover glasses, you won’t be missed!

Ceramic shield is officially tougher than any smartphone glass, actually four times better drop performance. It means if your iPhone 12 accidently falls, Ceramic shield have 4 times chance of surviving than cracking! Time to say good bye to cover glasses? I hope so.

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11Pro vs 12Pro vs 12Pro Max
Performance – A14 Bionic

Let’s talk about chip that powers the iPhone 12 line-up.  The A13 used in iPhone 11 pro is the fastest chip on a smart phone. Oh Oh… Old story! That’s until now, Apple have their new chip developed, A14 Bionic. The A14 Bionic comprises of 11.8 billion transistors, 40% increase than A13. I can’t wait to experience its performance and efficiency!

When there is no one to break your records, smash them yourself! – That’s what Apple is doing.

A14 Bionic chip and with an advantage of 5G speed by their side already, games are going to get even better.

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The Best Smartphone on the planet

That’s just half of the iPhone story, let’s see whats in iPhone 12 Pro,

12 Pro has a durable surgical grade stainless steel with well design square edges and precision build back glass. iPhone 12 Pro comes in 4 different finishes: rich deep graphite, a stunning gold, an elegant silver and all new pacific blue.

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This new Apple phone have water and dust resistance with IP68 rating.  If you don’t know what that exactly means, 12 series can withstand 6 metres submersion under water for at least 30 minutes.


Camera and Video
First camera to record in Dolby vision

It’s a well-known fact that Apple enjoys the prime position in manufacturing top video and camera quality among smartphones. Without the shadow of a doubt we can say year after year they manage to come up with highest quality video. Various news, TV shows and even movies have been recorded using 11 pro.

Now, with 12 pro Apple have gone much further, IPhone 12 Pro has officially become the first phone camera to record in Dolby vision. It’s the format used in film studios.  You think that’s all? Wait! 12 Pro jumps from 8 to 10 bit HDR video recording which is capable to capture 700 million colours. Almost 60 times more colours than the previous version! No device in the planet can do that and Apple 12 Pro made it possible with 4K resolution and 60 frame per second and 1080p slow-motion video at up to 240 frames per second. Turning heads?

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The night mode brings all the low-light details and natural colours to your favourite subject with the front camera. So with Apple 12 Pro in your hand, it’s never too late to take a selfie. You will always look good, no matter the light!

LiDAR technology – World is not ready for this yet!

LiDAR technology can scan the surface on Mars and in your living room! NASA uses this technology for their next landing on Mars! But what’s that doing inside iPhone? What is LiDAR technology? The LiDAR scanner in Apple 12 pro can measure how long light needs to be reflected from objects using a laser beams. This will enable the scanner to create a depth map of the room or place you are scanning! Since it is ultra-fast and extremely precise, AR apps can now turn your room into a realistic rainforest or show how a sneaker fits you.

Much awaited MagSafe – Wireless Charging

Finally iPhone came up with their own modified version of Wireless charging. They call it MagSafe. This re-architected the concept of wireless charging. The magnets align perfectly everytime for faster wireless charging. The best part is, MagSafe can also be used to power up your Apple iWatch. So Two devices, one charger! Icing on the cake??

For Better or Worse

Apple have announced that iPhones are saying good bye to power adaptors and EarPods.

Instead adding a USB-C to Lightning cable for fast charging, which most people could use. Apple are also converting their manufacturing partners to renewable energy. They claims by this way we can reduce our CO2 emissions by 2 million tons per year.

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To sum up

iPhones are the most popular smart phones every year which easily connects people, elevates photography, keeps us informed and entertained, all of this with protecting our security and privacy like no other brands can. 5G

5G have the capacity to change the world in radical faster speed. Apple 12 Pro is generations ahead! 5G inside a high-end product like iPhone, is going to smash all the benchmarks (most of them set by Apple itself). Movie industry can count on iPhone 12 Pro as an essential piece of equipment as they introduced Dolby Vision. I am not sure the world is ready for LiDAR technology!   All this and more make iPhone 12 Pro the most powerful smartphone on the planet, even with all, keeping the price as todays! Finally, something to cheer about in 2020.


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