You think Entrepreneurship is your cup of tea? Let’s find out.

After reading this post, there is a fair chance of you shifting your goals, dreams and even lifestyle. You might get depressed or you might be relieved. But guys, it’s better to figure this out now rather than living in a fantasy world that exist only inside you.

Do you really want to be an entrepreneur? If yes. Answer me this question, what is entrepreneurship? Don’t think I am asking way too many questions, because Albert Einstein once said

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”


What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a journey in which initially all you have is an idea or a plan that you believe in. then you will collect the right tools to make it a product, service or a functional business. It’s that simple in definition. But how can we find out that it’s your thing or not? To figure it out let’s start from the beginning.

We all have different reasons for dreaming to become an entrepreneur. It might be money, no one want to die poor and I hold nothing against this reason. Another reason can be freedom, which is why 62% of Americans want to start their own business. It’s also the reason for record breaking number of start-up in 2020. Or that reason might be the unimaginable reputation in public and social media platforms.  There are two more not so common reasons. Your dream to become an entrepreneur have something to do with your hobbies and interests or it can also be your undying quest for innovation and entrepreneurship.

My story 🙂

(skip this section if you get bored)

This is the part where I am going to share few things that happened in my life with you guys. When I finished my college degree, I got campus placement. That means I received an offer to work for a reputed company for a sufficient salary. I turned it down because I knew 9 to 5 is not my thing. But I had no clue! What next? I was stumbled upon few ideas I had in mind, among them I felt the best was escaping my comfort zone. So I shifted to a more developed city where I can get more exposure. Somewhere I can meet like-minded people and make that connection. I was hungry for that breakthrough to happen, something big!!

But first I had to find a job there to make the ends meet. I decided to work in a small call centre. That is one of the best decisions I made in my life. “When you work in a big company, you are part of a machine. But when you go to a small company, you learn the passion, you learn the dreams”. Ah don’t be surprised! These are not my words. It’s from Jack MA, founder of Ali Baba.

Along with my ‘8 to 6’ work I completed ‘Marketing research and analysis’ course (online) from IIT Roorkee. I was just picking up the right tools for me. A deep knowledge in marketing and branding as well as an experience in closing the sales which I considered as an inevitable requirement. I met a friend there, who is a professional blogger, (obviously he is my best friend now). He taught me the basics of blogging and that’s how I entered into the world of blogging.

Don’t think that I am bragging about things I have done. I just want to let you realize what can happen in a common man’s life if he is willing to show some enthusiasm. What can change if he shows the courage get out of his comfort zone. But it’s not like quit your job and the very next day you are stepping into your dreams. It never works that way! You have to struggle, you have to fail and you have to experience things. But is this risk worth taking? In the middle of the journey you will figure it out by yourself. Either way it’s a win-win because you are about to experience something new!

Find your Hill!

Last but not the least, whatever you do must make you happy. Some people idea of happiness is finding a job with good salary. This thing depends on the way you look at your life. Success is living life on your terms with a meaningful purpose.

“If you succeed all your mistakes become legendary, if you fail every mistake becomes garbage” – Jack Ma. What you have to do is self-assessment! Do you feel it is the right thing you want to do? Find the meaning of your life. All I can do is a little push. You still feel entrepreneurship is your cup of tea? Start with a dream, collect people with the same dream and hit the road! It doesn’t matter you are one man band or a group of many, all you need is a purpose.

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